Opening soon!
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The Unbranded tap room is a place for food, friends, family, and, most importantly, beer! In addition to being the freshest source of our 3 flagship brands, it will feature 12 rotating beers, exclusively available to brewery visitors. Every time you visit there will be something new and interesting for you to try. Our approach to food marries the founder’s east Texas roots and the local flavors of Hialeah: sliced brisket, beef back ribs, lechón asado, and ropa vieja are cooked low and slow in our custom smokers for over 12 hours to seal in that delicious smoky flavor. Our waitstaff and bartenders are highly trained about both the beer and food they are serving and how to best combine them; you can count on us to suggest excellent beer pairings for our entire menu!

The Unbranded tap room will focus on eclectic, fun, and community-focused events and activities. Lawn games, live music, yoga, and art classes are just a few examples of what you can expect. Learn how to pair beer and food from our chef at one of our tasting classes as well as how to incorporate beer into sauces and marinades for that extra dimension of complexity in your cooking. Beer has an amazing, truly untapped potential for culinary pairing. If you aren’t hungry, don’t let that stop you from trying our offerings by themselves – they’re perfect on their own, too.


We’ll have an amazing lineup of rotating food trucks. Stay tuned to our Tap Room page for updates, and follow the #UnbrandedFoodTrucks hashtag.