The Original


There are many imitators, but only one original. If you look up the word “maverick,” you might be surprised to find that it means “an unbranded range animal.” This is because Samuel Maverick, the great-great-great-great grandfather of our founder, did not brand his cattle. Locals soon started referring to all unbranded cattle as “Mavericks.”

After some time, the word came to mean any “independent individual who does not go along with a group or party” as Samuel Maverick was in leaving his cattle unbranded. Although many claim maverick status, Unbranded Brewing Co. is truly the original maverick brewery.

Don’t believe us? Read the “Did You Know?” and “Origin and Etymology of MAVERICK” sections on Merriam-Webster here, or read Samuel Maverick’s Wikipedia page here.

The Maverick

The “U” in “Unbranded” is not only a U with horns, it is a maverick: an unbranded bull.  To learn more of the history of the word “maverick” and how it relates to the founder’s ancestor, Samuel Augustus Maverick, click here.  Though somewhat paradoxical in nature, we chose to embrace unbrandedness as the defining characteristic of our brewery and our process.  We think what Sam Maverick thought, namely, that an over-emphasis on brand and demarcating gimmicks dilutes uniqueness and distracts from the true nature of your enterprise.  Our logo draws on his outlook, asserting that beer should ultimately be about the end product — the beer itself.  We seek to infuse the maverick spirit throughout our company and, more importantly, throughout our brewing process and products.  In so doing, others will come to recognize our brand as that which needs no branding to set it apart.



Craft breweries are maverick breweries. Craft beer is maverick beer. To see this, one need only look to the first generation of craft breweries: those started in the late 1970s and 80s. They made beer that everyone thought was too weird, too different, too strong-tasting, and just plain-old-didn’t-fit-in with the vast majority of commercial products at the time. In defying mainstream beer trends of the time, these breweries established themselves as true mavericks — something every brewery in the craft movement has tried to capture. Unbranded Brewing Co. seeks to rekindle this spark of iconoclasm by producing innovative, guideline-defying beer. The use of non-traditional water profiles, ambient microorganisms, choice barley, and experimental hops are integral to that mission. Unbranded Brewing Co. is a maverick brewery that produces maverick beer.

Our 30 bbl brewhouse situated in a 30,000 square foot building located in Hialeah’s LEAH Arts District seeks to bring these unique beers to a burgeoning young arts district in one of South Florida’s most well-known and historic areas. Our taproom serves a variety of different beers in a distinctive and rustic setting right next to the train tracks of Hialeah’s historic garment district. Industrial, contemporary, and finca elements all combine to form a modern, rustic environment in which to enjoy beer in an attractive yet relaxed setting. Whether it’s for growlers, cafecito, to-go orders, or a pint of Hialeah’s only local brew, ¡nos visitan!


The Makers